About EAD

eadEAD is committed to giving high priority to environmental protection, regulation and natural resources conservation on the national agenda. EAD provides advice and direction for Government, business and the community, to help them build environmental considerations into the way they plan and live, without compromising Abu Dhabi’s future development.

In 2008, EAD was awarded ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO 14001 for Environment and ISO 18001 for Health and Safety. EAD also launched the Arab world’s first public sector sustainability report and founded the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Excellence Group.

As an example of the steps that can be taken individually and collectively to aid conservation, EAD has been working to minimise the department’s own footprint through its Greening EAD Initiative. Here are some of the positive changes of the initiative which EAD have made or are in the process of making:

• In 2008, over 1,000 kg of general waste and over 200 kg of plastic waste were recycled.
• By switching to drinking water dispensers, EAD saved 915 plastic water bottles being used per week.
• EAD conducted a computer usage audit, which revealed that the majority of the energy consumption was spent on electricity and IT. Awareness signs encouraging reduced use of energy and paper were displayed over every printer, scanner and photocopier. And all the IT purchases became compliant with the Energy Star, which saves 15-20% on the energy expenditure.
• All CRT monitors were replaced with LCD monitors and desktops were replaced with laptops. Ultimately, this will help reduce energy consumption by at least 50%.
• An electronic data management system was introduced, whereby all network printers and copiers were configured to automatically switch to Sleep Mode, if left inactive for a long period of time.
• Duplex printing and copying was encouraged through an internal awareness campaign.
• An optimum server utilisation and application assessment was undertaken by EAD’s IT partner.
• In the cause of fuel conservation, when one of the existing fleet of cars comes due for renewal, they replace it with a more fuel-efficient model.

The Problem: Is there is a problem?

Yes. It’s a serious problem that affects the whole world – and the UAE is certainly no exception.
But please remember, while everyone, young or old, is part of the problem, an everyone is also part of the solution.